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All of Backstage Circus's props are in excellent condition and every trick which we teach are ideal for all age ranges.

Tightrope walking : Tightrope walking is not only exciting but achievements and goals can easily be reached.

Juggling : Balls, rings, clubs, scarves & boxes.

Balance : A large array of objects can be balanced. Juggling clubs, feathers, sticks and more. Some are more difficult than others.

Diabolo : This prop is the most difficult to grasp but once the basics are mastered the tricks come easily.

Plate spinning : This prop is popular and a lot of fun. Its easy to grasp and many tricks can be instantly achieved by all age groups.

Flower Sticks : The conductor holds two control sticks and manipulates the flower stick, countless amounts of fun tricks can be performed including spinning, balancing and high throwing tricks.

Shaker cups : These cup tricks are quick to learn and very rewarding too.

Cigar Boxes : These boxes look easy but they are not. Try for yourself and you will be surprised.

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Many more diverse tricks are taught within a Backstage Circus workshop including tight rope walking, magic tricks and more. Also the important lessons of showmanship, mime, clowning and routining are explored.


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